Great cheese is borne of passion. It is an art and a craft - starting on the farmstead raising the cows and ending with the exchange between the cheesemonger and the customer.

Award-winning cheesemonger Jessica Affatato is your guide on the journey through cheese. She is regularly featured in Newsday and has developed a loyal following at fine artisanal markets across Long Island. Now Jessica is taking the intimate tasting experience of the cheese counter to your home, event, or any other location.

Her background in luxury hospitality as well as a deep knowledge of artisanal production provides the foundation for your perfect event - from whimsical and light to a more formal occasion - while leaving you richer with knowledge. And her warm easy-going nature ensures you and your guests will enjoy the ride. 

Jessica Affatato - Founder, Harbor Cheese and Provisions

Jessica Affatato - Founder, Harbor Cheese and Provisions

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"Fare Pairs at The Old Field"The Independent April 2018

"It’s a pair as old as time. Wine and cheese pairings date back hundreds of years throughout Europe. This culinary tradition has turned into an art form within itself, each region throughout the world boasting a unique varietal of grapes to match locally sourced dairy. Fortunate for East Enders, Long Island Wine Country sits in our own backyard, and we are nothing short of our own mixed masterpieces."

"Long Island Cheese Stores Offering Classes"Newsday January 2018

“People are becoming more engaged with their food,” Affatato says. “They want to know where it comes from, how it’s made, its history, its connection to our culture and to their plate. As the cheesemonger-in-chief, Affatato hosts pop-ups that include lectures, tastings and, most recently, “makings.” Her business is one of only a handful on Long Island to host private classes in cheese making and platter design."

"The Best 2017 Christmas and Holiday Food Gifts"Newsday November 2017

Harbor Cheese & Provisions is the nom de fromage of Jessica Affatato, an independent cheesemonger who sells at farmers markets and organizes private tastings and classes on Long Island. She also makes exquisite custom cheese platters and ships them."